Gospel Mark, Chapter 10, verses 13-16

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KW Commentary/Thoughts

This is one of my favorite passages in the bible because it shows the side of Jesus that I personally appreciate the most. Jesus not only accepts the child (the weaker, more innocent and need amoung us) but he embraces them. First and foremost the children want to come to Jesus, they want to be close to him. Children know and understand emotions at a level that I think we as adults have long forgotten or refuse to believe. They want to be close to those who are going to protect them and take care of them. They have no problem showing their emotions and expressing how they are feeling. They must have saw Jesus as protector and a hero. Children always want to be close to their hero, but they even want to be close to those hero's that are approachable. These are the things that I need in my life, a hero, protector and savior.

Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible

That there must be something of the temper and disposition of little children found in all that Christ will own and bless. We must receive the kingdom of God as little children (Mark 10:15); that is, we must stand affected to Christ and his grace as little children do to their parents, nurses, and teachers. We must be inquisitive, as children, must learn as children (that is the learning age), and in learning must believe, Oportet discentem credere—A learner must believe. The mind of a child is white paper (tabula rasa a mere blank), you may write upon it what you will; such must our minds be to the pen of the blessed Spirit. Children are under government; so must we be. Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? We must receive the kingdom of God as the child Samuel did, Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth. Little children depend upon their parents' wisdom and care, are carried in their arms, go where they send them, and take what they provide for them; and thus must we receive the kingdom of God, with a humble resignation of ourselves to Jesus Christ, and an easy dependence upon him, both for strength and righteousness, for tuition, provision, and a portion.

Jesus Blesses Little Children (Mark 10:13-16) Analysis and Commentary

Should unbounded trust really be encouraged? In this passage Jesus doesn’t simply promote childlike faith and trust in children themselves but also in adults by declaring that no one will be able to enter the kingdom of God unless they “receive” it as a child — something most theologians have read to mean that those who wish to enter heaven must have the faith and trust of a child.
If faith and trust are necessary for entering heaven while doubt and skepticism are impediments to it, it is arguable that heaven may not be a goal worth striving for. Giving up skepticism and doubt is a definite harm to both children and adults. People should be encouraged to think critically, doubt what they are told, and examine claims with a skeptical eye. They should not be to told to abandon questioning or to give up on doubting.
Any religion which needs its adherents to be unskeptical is not a religion that can be regarded very highly. A religion which has something positive and worthwhile to offer people is a religion that can stand up to doubt and meet the challenges of skeptics. For a religion to discourage questioning is to admit that there is something to hide.

The NET Bible

21 sn The kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Children are a picture of those whose simple trust illustrates what faith is all about. The remark illustrates how everyone is important to God, even those whom others regard as insignificant.

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